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Who are we?

The Future of Work Institute promotes productive and meaningful work as essential foundations of a healthy economy and society.  We focus on how people contribute to, and benefit from, new knowledge and practices. Our mission is to support thriving people and organisations in the digital age.

The Thrive at Work initiative was established within the Centre for Transformative Work Design, funded by the Australian Research Council, and is now led by the Future of Work Institute at Curtin University.
Foundational funding was also provided by the Mental Health Commission, to assist Western Australian workplaces to promote positive mental health and well-being.

Picture of the Curtin University Graduate School of Business building in Perth City, WA
artistic water colour picture of a person with speech bubbles and quotes. Picture indicates she is an innovator for industry

Our research

The Future of Work Institute conducts research at the nexus of policy and practice through working with business, government, not-for-profit, and volunteer organisations. Six intersecting programs shape the research and practice of the Institute, contributing to the overall theme of ‘thriving in the digital age’

  • transformative work design,
  • work capabilities and motivation,
  • human system integration,
  • public policy in the digital age,
  • data analytics and decision making, and
  • ageing and work (as part of the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research).

Thrive at Work is our ‘flagship’ initiative and draws on all research streams.

Research in practice

A crucial element of the Institute is our outreach Collaboratory, through which we engage with workers, employers, managers, policy-makers and the community. The Institute’s Collaboratory is the vehicle for ensuring that our research is meaningful and has impact.  Among other activities, we produce resources about work design for educators, researchers, managers, workers, and the community. All Collaboratory activities are underpinned by research, and all the Insitute’s research is shaped by insights from the Collaboratory in a cycle.

The Thrive at Work initiative has been developed in conjunction with over fifty organisations of varying sizes and industries. We continue to iterate the initiative based on feedback from our partners.