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The Thrive at Work Framework

The Thrive at Work initiative is underpinned by a world-leading, evidence-based framework that helps organisations to navigate the wealth of information on mental health at work.

The Thrive at Work Framework has been developed in consultation with industry and an extensive evaluation of the academic literature. The result is a comprehensive framework that provides organisations with a clear set of evidence-based strategies to address the full spectrum of mental health.

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Building blocks of the Thrive at Work Framework

The Thrive at Work Framework consists of nine building blocks, clustered within three over-arching pillars.

Organisations that use the Framework as a basis for their mental health and well-being strategy can be confident that they are taking a holistic approach that not only focuses on helping people get well again (Mitigate Illness), but also on helping people stay well (Prevent Harm) and be the best they can be (Promote Thriving).

The building blocks are comprised of key evidence-based strategies that assist in the achievement of the building blocks. You can use the framework to both integrate what your organisation is already doing to support employee well-being and to strengthen your approach moving forward.

Explore the framework further

The Thrive at Work Framework provides the foundation for all of the tools and resources on this website.

You can learn more about each of the three pillars, the nine building blocks, and the key strategies that comprise the framework by navigating through the Framework pages of this website.

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