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Mental Health issues: How to have the conversation

In today’s complex and demanding world, it is inevitable there will be times when your co-workers will struggle with problems at home (relationship or parenting issues, for example) or mental health issues that affect their performance at work.

It is vital that managers and co-workers talk to and support those who are struggling before the situation reaching crisis point, but these conversations are not easy and are often put off. The fear of saying the wrong thing, causing embarrassment or contravening The Fair Work Act hold people back.

This class will address the barriers to having these conversations and help managers and co-workers speak to people in appropriate ways that make them feel supported and valued by the organisation.

How is this masterclass different to other courses on the same topic?

While other courses focus on suicide prevention and keeping suicidal people safe, our class is different as we focus on people who are experiencing less acute mental health issues and other life difficulties. It will also help organisations create a psychologically safe environment where people feel comfortable discussing mental health issues.

It is suitable for managers, supervisors, HR staff, CEOs, OHS staff and anyone who wants to learn how to respond appropriately when someone has a mental health issue.

For more information, go to the registration page.

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