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The Thrive at Work survey measures employee perceptions in relation to the Thrive at Work framework.

The survey provides an understanding of current employee well-being and perceptions of key organisational practices that impact employee well-being. More specifically it measures perceptions of:

  • Mitigate Illness e.g., barriers to care and confidence to help a colleague
  • Prevent Harm e.g., SMART work design and individual resilience
  • Promote Thriving e.g., HR practices and psychological safety

What are the benefits of using the Thrive at Work Survey?

  • Online survey platform that aligns to the Thrive at Work Framework
  • Provide comprehensive insights into drivers/leading indicators of mental health at work
  • Modules that measure the degree to which employees believe the organisation mitigates illness, prevents harm and promotes thriving

The Thrive at Work Platform

The findings of the survey are presented live through the Future of Work Institute’s Business Intelligence Platform.

The interactive and intuitive dashboards provide:

  • Varying levels of detail presented for differing users
  • Heat maps that allow users to explore differences between groups
  • Analytics that display relationships between variables measured and employee outcomes

What are the benefits of using the Thrive at Work Platform?

  • Internal stakeholders gain access to platform through adjusting administration permissions
  • Data analytics that display relationship between drivers and employee outcomes
  • Insights that allow for data-driven decision making, thus optimising ROI
  • Establish baseline measure to track improvements over time