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Work design is integral to the very core of people’s work experiences.

When work is well-designed, it promotes mental health and well-being, fosters creativity, innovation and optimal job performance.

Poorly designed work, however, is dissatisfying and disengaging. Over time, prolonged exposure to poor work design can cause (amongst other negative effects) depression, burnout, stifled learning, and reduced productivity.

This interactive workshop provides participants with a deep understanding of work design and its impact on employee well-being, engagement and productivity.

We will introduce an evidence-based and highly practical SMART work design model, unpacking each of the key elements of Stimulating, Mastery, Agency, Relational, and Tolerable demands, unpacking how they are linked to major psychosocial risks at work.

We will also discuss how to create SMARTer work, providing initial tips about ways that work design can be improved.

After completing this workshop, participants will gain working knowledge of the fundamentals of work design and its pivotal role in employee experiences, especially from a mental health perspective. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore initial ideas about how to improve work design within their team or organisation.

An optional extra for this workshop is an assessment of the work design of participants through a personalised feedback report (please contact us to discuss the pricing of this option).


There are no prerequisites for this workshop. This workshop is a foundation for any of the following workshops:

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for all staff, including front line employees, managers/leaders and those with responsibility for work design (e.g., HR professionals, organisational development professionals, health and safety professionals, and those who are charged with workforce development, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, etc).


This is a facilitated workshop and can be delivered face-to-face or virtually. This workshop duration is 4 hours (face-to-face) or 3 hours (online).


$7200 + GST for up to 25 participants.