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Benefits of Connecting With Us

There are many benefits to connecting with our experienced team of Researchers and Practitioners at the Future of Work Institute.

  • Access to internationally recognised world leaders in Work Design and Organisational Behaviour research
  • Confidence in knowing that our models and methods are grounded in the latest science
  • Opportunity to partner with practitioners who specialise in translating data into actionable insights
  • Access to evidence-based practical tools
  • Optimised organisational decision-making through data-driven insights
  • Multisource data collection – uncovering varying strengths, opportunities and potential misalignments
  • Comprehensive insights into drivers and leading indicators of mental health at work

Ways to Connect With Us

Research Collaborations

Engage with world leading researchers and be at the cutting-edge of best practice. Research collaborations involve strategic projects aimed at developing productive and pragmatic outcomes for industry partners while generating real-world data for innovative research.  Collaborative projects give an organisation a human capital competitive advantage, preparing them for rapidly increasing technological change, intense international competition, and diminishing in-house research and development resources. Research collaborations can take the form of government-funded grants or organisation-funded projects.

Facilitated Support

We facilitate the transfer of expertise and research findings via innovative and practical products and services. A FOWI Psychologist can guide you through the Thrive at Work Framework in a way that is right for your organisation. This might include facilitating workshops to audit your organisation’s practices and policies, deep diving into employee work design needs, guiding your organisation through the interactive data visualisation survey platform, or bespoke interventions. For more information, see our Services page.

Self Service

Our website contains Resources and templates to help you build a strategy and action plan for workplace well-being. Conduct an audit of your organisation using our assessment tool and our accompanying toolkit.

Next step

Partner with us

For more information about any of the above options, please contact us.