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Thrive at Work in Mining Masterclass series

As a part of the State Government’s Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety (MARS) Program, the Future of Work Institute is developing a Thrive at Work in Mining Masterclass series for the mining industry to support companies at various stages of their journey towards building a mentally healthy workplace.


Assess your organisation against the Thrive at Work and/or SMART Work Design framework to gain a holistic and data driven understanding of your organisation’s practices and employee perceptions in relation to workplace mental health.

Thrive at Work Survey

The Thrive at Work survey measures employee perceptions in relation to the Thrive at Work framework. The survey provides an understanding of current employee well-being and perceptions of key organisational practices that impact employee well-being.

Thrive at Work Audit

The Thrive at Work audit enables your organisation to identify and consolidate the diverse organisational activities that impact on mental health. A guided team-based analysis of your organisation’s existing practices, policies and data related to mental health and well-being at work, the audit process provides a platform for strategic planning and action.

SMART Flexible Working Survey

Identifying the challenges and supports that facilitate effective remote working has become a key consideration since COVID-19 began. The SMART Flexible Working Survey explores the unique work design aspects of remote working and the potential effects these have on staff, managers and the broader organisation.

Capability Development

Upskill leaders and employees in the fundamentals of the Thrive at Work approach, SMART work design, supporting leaders to create good work for their employees and helping individuals craft their own work.  

Thrive Upskilling Masterclass Series

The Thrive at Work Upskilling Masterclass series is a facilitated training package to provide support to key internal stakeholders to understand the Thrive at Work framework and its application. Participants will walk away from the series with the ability to conduct the Thrive at Work audit with their own organisation.

SMART Work Design Essentials

This interactive workshop provides participants with a deep understanding of work design and its impact on employee well-being, engagement and productivity.

Leading for SMART Work

In this workshop, we build on foundational knowledge about work design to focus on how work can be changed and improved through more effective leadership and managerial practices.

Prerequisite: SMART Work Design Essentials

Strategic Planning for SMARTer Work

This workshop will focus on a adopting a strategic perspective towards work design.

Prerequisite: SMART Work Design Essentials

Crafting Your Way to SMART Work

In this workshop, we build on foundational knowledge about work design to focus on how your own work can be crafted and moulded to better fit your skills, abilities, needs, and interests.

Prerequisite: SMART Work Design Essentials

Solutions / Interventions

Identifycreate and implement targeted solutions based on leading research and best practice.

SMART Solutions Based Workshops

Our SMART Solutions Based Workshops are the missing link between the identification of challenges and organisational change. By the end of the process, organisations will have a clear set of actions to be undertaken in order to address key issues and challenges faced by the organisation.

SMART Focus Groups

Our SMART Focus Groups aim to obtain employee insights regarding current work demands and supports that can be leveraged to identify meaningful change. The focus on work design moves away from solely individual, or relationship-based approaches to methods of working together more efficiently and meaningfully.

Targeted / Bespoke Redesign Interventions

Our expert researchers and psychologists will work closely with your organisation to create and implement interventions that target work design issues specific to your context. We employ best practice and evidence-based work design principles to improve the well-being and productivity of your employees.