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The Thrive at Work audit enables your organisation to identify and consolidate the diverse organisational activities that impact on mental health.

A guided team-based analysis of your organisation’s existing practices, policies and data related to mental health and well-being at work, the audit process provides a platform for strategic planning and action. The audit uses the Thrive at Work Framework to take stock of the activities and practices your organisation has across numerous functions that impact on employee well-being. Through facilitated workshops, the audit brings together different functional groups, departments, roles and levels within an organisation to pool knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of their internal activities. Organisational members develop a common language around employee well-being, discuss issues in a safe and structured way and generate ideas across functional silos.

Key Benefits

  • Insights and recommendations driven by data, academic research, and industry
  • knowledge
  • A holistic capturing of the organisational practices and policies that target mental health and wellbeing
  • Understanding potential gaps in the organisation’s approach to managing mental health and well-being
  • Opportunity to workshop the results and potential next steps in a collaborative, cross-functional community of practice
  • Opportunity to tap into the knowledge base of world-leading researchers in work design
  • Form the basis for the development of a well-being strategy and action plan