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Business case

Use our library of evidence based research and wellbeing statistics to build the business case for your wellbeing strategy.

FOWI Guide

Work design

Work design affects both how people feel about their job and organisational outcomes – including increased productivity, financial growth, and lower rates of accidents and incidents.

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Job Crafting

Job crafting occurs when an individual alters aspects of their own tasks in order to improve the fit between their work and their individual preferences.

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Technological innovation, automation, big data, and demographic changes are leading to disruption in the way we work – better understanding of future work skills is needed.

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Collecting data

Collecting data is an integral part of the Thrive initiative. Our comprehensive guide helps you to collect and track key organisational metrics and employee perception data.

Good Practice Guide

Workplace flexibility

Implement flexible working arrangements for leaders and employees to maximise the opportunities and benefits that flexibility brings.