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Good Practice Guide

Building High Quality Work Connections

A critical aspect of a thriving organisation is having high quality work connections, within which relationships are based on trust and respect, generate energy and equip people to do their work well.

Grounded in solid research, there are five major strategies used to build high quality work connections in the workplace:

  1. Respectful engagement (conveying a sense of value and worth to others).
  2. Task-enabling (helping the successful performance of others).
  3. Trusting (being open, authentic and dependable with others).
  4. Playing (participating in activities with the aim of having fun with others).
  5. Job crafting.

There are some freely available resources on the Center for Positive Organisation’s website on respectful engagement, trusting and task-enabling.

Job Crafting

Another method of building high quality connections is leaders providing employees the opportunity to engage in job crafting behaviours. Job crafting is a process where employees use opportunities to customise their job to suit their needs, abilities and preferences. Job crafting will allow employees to change the nature of their interactions with others, resulting in more meaningful work through connections and relationships at work. Superfriend’s guide “Promoting positive mental health in the workplace: guidelines for organisations” (specifically page 19), provides some useful tips on job crafting.

Job crafting is a key research area of the Centre for Transformative Work Design  (within the Future of Work Institute).

Further reading

See the Centre for Transformative Work Design’s guide to job crafting.

Further reading

Superfriend’s Promoting Positive Mental Health in the Workplace guide, contains some tips for job crafting.