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Creating thriving workplaces

Our vision for Australia is one in which all working individuals – regardless of age, race, gender, job, industry, or organisation – thrive in their work.

The nation we envisage is one in which workplaces

  • Understand that proactive steps must be taken to combat rising levels of mental ill health at work;
  • Understand that well-being interventions must be focused on the design of work and not solely on individualistic strategies; and
  • Cope with, and benefit from, technological and societal change – without sacrificing employees.

The original articulation of the Thrive at Work vision was able to be operationalised thanks to funding from the Australian Research Council and Mental Health Commission.

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We need to think more broadly about work and well-being

For Australia to embrace changes in the future of work, we need people within organisations that are mentally healthy, and beyond that – Thrive – in their work.

In a thriving organisation, the mental health of all employees is protected and supported, regardless of cause. While supporting those experiencing a mental illness is a vital part of any well-being initiative, there is an opportunity to do more to protect against psychological harm and provide an environment that fosters the development of positive mental health.

Work is more than just a place to survive each day, good work provides opportunities for meaning, connection, learning and growth, which in turn support employees to thrive.

An integrative approach

Organisations, employees, and the community get the best outcomes with an integrative approach to mental health.

Mitigate Illness

There are advantages to business, employees, and the community when organisations lessen the impact of mental health issues through early identification, support and accommodation of illness.

Prevent Harm

All employees have the potential to be exposed to risks to their mental health at work. Everyone benefits when workplaces take active steps to protect employee mental health.

Promote Thriving

Employees who thrive are better equipped to continue to grow and adapt – enabling organisations to capitalise on opportunities presented by changes in the future of work.

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Next step


Find out more about our integrative framework that unpacks how organisations can support all employees to get well (Mitigate Illness), stay well (Prevent Harm) and be the best they can be (Promote Thriving).