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Over the course of 2020, the working world has had to rapidly adapt to life under the uncertain banner of COVID-19. With employees now beginning to return to work, it is expected that remote working will become more commonplace in the post-COVID world. Therefore, identifying the challenges and supports that facilitate effective remote working has become a key consideration for all.

The SMART Flexible Working Survey explores the unique work design aspects of remote working and the potential effects these have on staff, managers and the broader organisation. Specifically, the survey measures:

  • The multiple factors involved in influencing home workers’ mental health, well-being and productivity
  • Employees’ level of mental health and well-being
  • The strategies organisations and individuals adopt to cope with working from home

As with the Thrive at Work survey, the SMART flexible working survey is fully integrated with our Business Intelligence Platform. This allows leaders to access aggregated data in user friendly, interactive and intuitive dashboards. Frontline employees will also be taken along the journey with access to their own individualised results and feedback based on their survey responses.

Utilising our expertise in work design, organisational interventions, and research translation, we can partner with your organisation to enact meaningful change from the insights generated, through market ready resources, action planning, workshops, webinars or training.

Key Benefits

  • Fully customised survey developed by world leading Organisational Psychology researchers and practitioners
  • Comprehensive insights into drivers/leading indicators of mental health at work
  • Insights that allow for data-driven decision making, thus optimising return on investment
  • Establish baseline measure to track improvements over time