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Our SMART Solutions Based Workshops are the missing link between the identification of challenges and organisational change. By the end of the process, organisations will have a clear set of actions to be undertaken in order to address key issues and challenges faced by the organisation.

Our team of Researchers and Psychologists will facilitate small group sessions with employees to unpack key organisational challenges and collectively construct viable redesigns and solutions. By the end of this process, a well-rounded and multilayered approach will have been created that focuses on the required factors for implementation including:

  • Individual factors
  • Supervisor factors
  • Broader organisational factors
  • Currently available resources
  • Barriers/road blocks to success
  • Success factors & potential metrics to track success

Key Benefits

  • An employee-lead and highly collaborative approach towards generating organisational change and solutions to existing workplace challenges
  • Expert guidance and facilitation to assist participants in generating solutions
  • Identifying the requirements for each level in the organisation as well as the existing resources in place to assist with implementation
  • Highlighting ways in which to measure success to assist with ongoing evaluation and refinement
  • Upskilling on basic work design principles for staff
  • Engaging staff early in the change management process helping to create champions and increase the likelihood of long-lasting change
  • A methodology in which to combine staff from several different departments, helping to create a diversity in perspectives and build internal relationships

For more information on the SMART work design model, see