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The Thrive at Work Upskilling Masterclass series is a facilitated training package to provide support to key internal stakeholders to understand the Thrive at Work framework and its application. Participants will walk away from the series with the ability to conduct the Thrive at Work audit with their own organisation.

Typically, the workshops are a 4-part series in which a FOWI Psychologist will walk you through the Thrive at Work framework and its application.

  • Workshop 1: Introduction to the Thrive at Work initiative and an overview of the framework
  • Workshop 2: The Thrive at Work Process
  • Workshop 3: Implementation techniques: Common challenges and quick wins
  • Workshop 4: Putting it into practice

Key Benefits

  • Ability to drive the Thrive at Work audit process to inform organisational change
  • Upskilling of key internal stakeholders and ownership of strategy
  • Customisation of process
  • A holistic capturing of the organisational practices and policies that target mental health and wellbeing
  • Opportunity to tap into the knowledge base of world-leading researchers in work design