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About this workshop

In this workshop, we build on foundational knowledge about work design to focus on how your own work can be crafted and moulded to better fit your skills, abilities, needs, and interests.

The focus of this workshop is in providing actionable strategies for individuals to proactively improve the quality of their work. Participants will complete an assessment about their own work design and will receive a personalised and confidential feedback report.

After completing this workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of their own work design with a clear plan for shaping aspects of their work within the confines of their role.

Learning outcomes

  • A recap on what work design is, the SMART work model and why work design matters
  • An analysis of each participant’s own work design
  • Activities to help participants craft aspects of their work design to make it healthier and more productive
  • Effective approaches to job crafting


Participants need to have completed the workshop SMART Work Design Essentials – For All Staff.

Who should attend

Designed for frontline employees, team members, individual managers/supervisors, or anyone who is currently experiencing challenges with the design of their work role, or who would like to optimise their well-being and performance at work.


This is a facilitated workshop and can be delivered face-to-face or virtually. This workshop duration is 4 hours (face-to-face) or 3 hours (online).


$7200 + GST for up to 25 participants.