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A crucial strategy in preventing poor mental health and well-being amongst employees is to ensure that the work is well-designed.

In this workshop, we build on foundational knowledge about work design to focus on how work can be changed and improved through more effective leadership and managerial practices.

After a brief recap of the SMART model, we investigate some successful case studies of work ‘re’design, which are deliberate and conscious efforts to improve the quality of work. We then investigate how to make the work of teams SMARTer through leadership behaviors. The workshop will involve practical activities to help participants develop their work design skills, including how they can encourage and support staff to craft their jobs.

After completing this workshop, participants will have a deep understanding about strategies they can apply to redesign work for their staff, and how to develop an action plan for creating SMART work for their team.

An optional extra for this workshop is an assessment of the work design of your direct reports/team members, with a confidential personalised feedback report made available to you. Please contact us to discuss the pricing of this option, and note that feedback can only be given to leaders in a way where it is not possible to identify the specific views of individual direct reports.

Learning outcomes

  • A recap on what work design is, the SMART work model and why work design matters
  • An understanding of Managers/ leaders responsibilities for work design
  • Learning about behaviours that managers/leaders can engage in to improve the work design of their team
  • How to develop an action plan to create paths to improve the work design of teams
  • Analysis of your team’s existing work design (optional extra)


Participants need to have completed the workshop SMART Work Design Essentials – For All Staff.

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for supervisors, managers, executives and those with leadership responsibilities.


This is a facilitated workshop and can be delivered face-to-face or virtually. This workshop duration is 4 hours (face-to-face) or 3 hours (online).


$7200 + GST for up to 25 participants.