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Optimising crew endurance and performance

Optimised work systems will enable operational personnel to perform and thrive in an increasingly complex, uncertain and technology-driven environment.

FOWI’s Work Systems Design Team have been working closely with the Royal Australian Navy and Defence Science Technology Group to optimise work systems for a future maritime platform. A central component of this project is to ensure job roles support employee well-being by providing challenging yet meaningful work. Whilst delivering task allocation guided by good work design principles to enhance human strengths and ensure human limitations are supported by the technical system.

Drawing upon multidisciplinary research and methodologies, the team have conducted a broad range of activities, including:

  • Computational modelling
  • Field studies during operational activities
  • Socio-technical redesign of work systems

Their integrative approach has generated impact relating to future rostering systems, future platform design decisions and workforce transition strategies.


  • Provided invaluable insight into areas of operational risk, as well as the optimisation of human performance and capability through assessing and comparing the impact that different watch-keeping systems have on operational effectiveness and endurance.
  • Delivered sustainable, pragmatic and compatible recommendations for future platform designs that prioritised human and technical aspects equally, to create an optimal working system.