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Uncovering data driven insights into remote work practices

Over the course of this year, the working world has had to rapidly adapt to life under the uncertain banner of COVID-19. With the lack of any clear end date, identifying the challenges and supports that facilitate effective remote working has become a key consideration for all.

The WA Police Force made a significant investment in fast tracking working from home arrangements as a consequence of COVID-19. To uncover data driven insights into current remote work practices, the WA Police Force partnered with FOWI. The main objective of this project was to better understand the unique work design aspects of remote working and the potential effects these have on staff, managers and the broader organisation. This enabled WA Police Force to make strategic decisions based on organisational data.

The WA Police were provided with a powerful data analytics platform that allows them to explore the results in relation to specific areas of the business.  FOWI will be working with the WA Police to determine how best to design work conducive to working from home arrangements.


  • Working from home was shown to positively influence individuals’ productivity and reported mental health. It also reduced the levels of burnout and work-home interference.
  • The role of work design is critical in the success of remote working. Remote work generally changed the nature of the job. However, those with ‘SMARTer ‘ jobs experienced more positive outcomes.
  • Individuals who actively engaged in socialising experienced enhanced well-being and work-related outcomes.