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A Holistic Approach to Employee Well-being

The need and legal obligation to support employee well-being is becoming increasingly important in these uncertain and rapidly changing times.

Seeking a more holistic approach to employee well-being, the WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) partnered with FOWI to partake in the Thrive at Work Audit and Survey. The Thrive at Work Audit, conducted over four workshops, was a review of the organisational practices and policies at DMIRS that impact on employee well-being. The Audit revealed areas of the Thrive at Work Framework that were strongly supported by organisational practices and policies, as well as areas that needed focus. DMIRS also wanted to understand whether these practices and policies were having the desired effect within the organisation. To achieve this, they conducted the Thrive at Work Survey, which revealed important employee perceptions.

Alignments between the Audit and Survey indicated that there were many areas of the Thrive at Work Framework in which the organisation’s efforts were reflected in the employee experience. However, some discrepancies between the Audit and Survey uncovered that some organisational practices and policies were not having the desired impact on employees.  Results like these are vitally important for ensuring a good return on investment. In this case, simple actions such as increasing awareness of or improving access to the well-being practice or policy can improve its effectiveness.


Based on the combined results of the Audit and Survey, DMIRS will soon commence the development of a comprehensive and evidence-based well-being strategy. The partnership between DMIRS, FOWI and the Thrive at Work initiative is ongoing.

Further reading

The Thrive at Work Platform is a powerful data analytics platform aligned to the Thrive at Work Framework that supports organisational decision making to ensure employees get well, stay well, and be the best they can be.


Led by Curtin University’s Future of Work Institute (FOWI), Thrive at Work is a ground-breaking workplace well-being initiative centred on designing work that helps employees, organisations and industry to thrive. The Thrive Audit is a practical and simple tool developed to assist organisations, of all sizes and maturity, in evaluating their current state and their progress towards creating a thriving workplace.