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What does the Thrive at Work evaluation involve?

Before undertaking any new well-being activities, it will be useful to pause and take stock of the existing practices and activities that impact employee well-being in your organisation.

What are you already doing? Is it having a positive impact? What could you be doing better?

The Thrive at Work assessment tool has been designed as a clear, simple to use resource to support you to review the state of your existing mental health and well-being policies, practices and activities.

The ‘evaluation’ section will guide you through a process in which you will use the Thrive at Work assessment tool to

  • identify your organisation’s existing mental health and well-being activities and assess where they fit in relation to the Thrive at Work Framework,
  • evaluate the maturity of your existing mental health and well-being activities, and
  • review your results with a strategic focus to identify strengths and potential opportunities for development.

Why is it important to evaluate?

Your evaluation using the Thrive at Work assessment tool is a critical first step that will allow you to identify you current position as a baseline. Spending some time establishing a baseline position will result in:

  • Economic savings – taking stock of existing activities will help avoid introducing activities with overlapping (and therefore less impactful) outcomes. Starting with an evaluation will enable you to tailor new activities to address gaps, preventing wasted time and resources.
  • Better employee mental health and well-being outcomes – a better understanding of current strengths and key gaps enables more strategic and tailored responses to mental health and well-being needs.

With continuous use, you can monitor your developing maturity through improved organisational metrics and track the impact of your initiatives. Taking stock in this way will allow you to make strategic decisions about the types of activities you keep, remove or change and will help you prioritise resources and investments based on their impact.

Many organisations will already have a number of activities, policies, and practices in place that will affect employee mental health and well-being. Therefore, the evaluation stage will allow you to take stock of all these activities (regardless of initial reasons for implementation) to enable a holistic assessment of areas that are lacking and may need future development.


The Thrive at Work assessment tool has been developed by Organisational Psychology Researchers at the Future of Work Institute. The assessment tool guides you through the process of documenting what your organisation is already doing, and planning to do, against each pillar of the Thrive at Work Framework.

Evaluating against different standards

The Thrive at Work Framework is intended to assist you to identify and incorporate best practice activities into your well-being strategy across key building blocks of employee well-being. It is, however, not strictly necessary to use the Thrive at Work Framework. Some organisations may prefer to prioritise benchmarking and compliance and therefore may choose to map their activities against the WA Workplace Mental Health Standards, or other codes of practice. Alternatively, if your organisation has developed its own model or approach to mental health using strategies that align with the Thrive at Work Framework’s Building Blocks, these could also be used.

Next step

Step 1: Familiarise yourself with the tool

The Thrive at Work assessment tool has been designed as a clear, simple to use resource to support organisations.