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Why track your outcomes?

Monitoring the outcomes of your mental health and well-being activities will be critical to ensuring the long term success of your mental health strategy.

Tracking outcomes can help:

  • support the long-term buy-in from leadership by demonstrating improvements in business outcomes such as: employee engagement, productivity, or absenteeism that may result from your well-being activities;
  • create a model of evidence-based continuous improvement by maturing strategic activities that have demonstrated an impact on well-being;
  • provide a mechanism to monitor activities and practices across the organisation that can affect mental health; and
  • respond to problems or concerns in employee mental health faster and more effectively.

There are two primary methods that can be used to track the impact of your activities over time:

  1. Track the maturity of your activities by re-evaluating progress against the Thrive at Work assessment tool.
  2. Track the impact of activities against objective and employee opinion data.
Next step

Re-evaluate using the Thrive at Work assessment tool

To monitor the progress of your well-being strategy, it is recommended that you periodically revisit this implementation process.