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Regularly assessing progress

To monitor the progress of your well-being strategy, it is recommended that you periodically revisit this implementation process. The regularity of your reviews is up to you and your organisation, however it is recommended that organisations re-evaluate at least annually.

Annually updating your activity assessment and reviewing your heat maps will allow you to:

  • Re-establish priorities and shift your focus if necessary. For example, if you had initially identified the Prevent Harm pillar as your primary focus during the Plan stage, re-evaluating will allow you to take stock of the new activities in that area and take note of their increased maturity and shift priorities if necessary.
  • Maintain your organisation’s long-term focus on well-being.
  • Report progress to leadership – It can take time for tangible outcomes to become evident following the introduction of mental health and well-being activities. Reporting on the changes in maturity in your heat maps allows you to demonstrate progress.
  • Establish and maintain a well-being voice in otherwise unrelated projects. Human resources, OHS, and management are all areas that can have an impact on the well-being of staff. An annual check in with these groups can help ensure that the wellness team is aware of new developments, can provide input into the potential mental health impacts of new activities, and can monitor the outcomes of new programs.

Quick Win

Reviewing your well-being activities a year after implementation is a great opportunity to see the progress you have made towards creating a thriving organisation.

If you used the action planning template as an opportunity to introduce and monitor metrics when you planned new activities you may see a jump in the maturity of your heat maps for these building blocks.

Re-evaluating your well-being activities

An organisation’s first evaluation tends to be the most complex and difficult, whereas re-evaluating for tracking purposes can be based on the results of previous years.

When re-evaluating ensure that you:

  1. Review the list of activities – remove any activities that have been discontinued and add any that have been introduced since the last assessment. Where appropriate move activities that were previously ‘planned’ into ‘implemented’;
  2. Review the maturity of each activity – update any that have changed in maturity since the previous evaluation; and
  3. Add any comments if necessary in preparation for the next evaluation.

After reviewing your progress, return to the Plan stage to reassess your focus for the year, develop a new Action Plan based on these new results to continue to improve the mental health and well-being of employees.

Next step

Tracking and analysing data

There are a number of ways to track your organisation’s progress by analysing collected data.