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Evolving well-being activities – action plan

Action planning involves organisations converting their well-being strategy to actionable activities to be introduced or progressed.

By now you have successfully

  • prepared your organisation for the introduction of your well-being initiative,
  • assessed your existing programs and activities,
  • identified your focus based on the results of the assessment, and
  • written or edited your organisation’s well-being strategy.

Your next stage will require you to convert your high-level strategy to an actionable plan. Converting your well-being strategy to concrete activities will help you maintain focus and momentum.

Stay focused

Your action planning should be guided by your focus, which you identified at the beginning of the Plan section. Your focus options include

  • ensuring Mitigate Illness and Prevent Harm are adequately addressed,
  • ensuring the whole Thrive at Work Framework has been addressed,
  • addressing the maturity of your activities,
  • addressing those with high impact and ease of implementation, or
  • consolidating activities.


The Thrive at Work assessment tool includes a tab for Action Planning that you can use to keep track of the concrete actions and next steps for your well-being initiative.

Using the action planning template

Your Action Plan requires you to identify your key objectives, and the activities that will be instrumental in achieving them. Using your Action Plan will also help you build in opportunities for maturing your activities, which will help your organisation continually develop.

The action plan is a simple format which can be adapted as needed for your organisation. It is the last tab of the Thrive at Work assessment tool.

workplace wellbeing program action plan
Next step


Develop mechanisms for tracking the success of your organisation’s mental health strategy and action plan.