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How mature are your mental health and well-being activities?

Understanding how mature your mental health and well-being activities are, will help when it comes time to prioritise your next steps.

Once you have collated your current activities, you can then complete a self-assessment of how strategically mature the mental health and well-being activities you have listed are by using the maturity rating scale depicted below.

Most employee mental health and well-being strategies are not well advanced across industries in Australia. Many organisations who complete the assessment tool are likely to find that the majority of their activities tend to fall in the red (not in place, not mental health specific, or ad hoc) category, indicating low maturity. This is a reflection of workplace well-being being an emerging focus area within Australian organisations. Do not be discouraged by a low maturity rating, particularly in your first year using the Thrive at Work Initiative. A low maturity rating provides an important baseline for your organisation’s future development and honesty at this stage in the process is critical to accurately address the real needs of your organisation.

Next step

Step 4: Review your heat maps

Review the number and maturity of activities in your assessment so that you can begin to narrow down potential areas for action.