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Thrive at Work Audit: Assessing RAC’s current mental health and well-being activities

Organisations, employees, and the community get the best outcomes with an integrative approach to mental health.

In 2018, the Future of Work Institute commenced a collaboration with RAC to undertake an audit of their current mental health and well-being activities across the pillars of the Thrive at Work Framework, which include: Mitigating Illness, Preventing Harm, and Promoting Thriving. The aim of the collaboration was for the audit results to inform the development of an RAC employee mental health and well-being strategy.

As part of the audit process, RAC undertook three facilitated workshops that involved representatives across functional departments including Human Resources, Occupational Health and Saftey, Organisational Development, and People and Culture. During these workshops, they consolidated their current workplace mental health and wellbeing activities and assessed the maturity of those activities using the Thrive at Work Framework.

The Thrive at Work audit results will inform the development of an RAC Group mental health action plan, which will outline high-risk/high-impact priority areas, implementation actions, required resources and a review process.


  • Established a baseline position in terms of mapping current policies, procedures, activities and practices against the Thrive at Work Framework.
  • Identified gaps, strengths, and opportunities for development.
  • Prioritised resources and investments based on their impact.