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Teamwork: People and Technology

NETS WA partnered with the Centre for Transformative Work Design (CTWD) to investigate two important areas of their work:

  • the impact on teamwork during a major relocation, and;

  • how staff were interacting with new technology.

Part 1: Teamwork

Prior to NETS WA moving from Princess Margaret Hospital, the CTWD project team assessed the current state of teamwork within the organisation and provided a list of recommendations to help support effective teamwork. This assessment was repeated following the move to Perth Children’s Hospital. The results revealed that during the relocation, the NETS WA team was able to maintain core teamwork behaviours of cooperation, communication, and coordination, as well as team outcomes such as performance and adaptability. This was a very positive result given that maintaining positive aspects of teamwork during change can be extremely difficult.

Part 2: Technology

The second part of the project focused on the relationship between people and the technology they interacted with every day – most specifically, the newly deployed NETS smartphone application. Many changes occurred as a result of the move to the Perth Children’s Hospital, including the launch of the highly anticipated NETS smartphone application. NETS was interested to see how staff interacted with both the existing and new technology. Results revealed that perceptions of usefulness and ease of use of the NETS smartphone application was moderate to high, and attitudes towards and intention to use the application were positive. Most importantly there was a decline in employee stress following the launch of the application, deeming the technology a success.

NETS WA were provided with a set of short to long term recommendations to continue to improve and maintain effective teamwork and positive attitudes towards technology.