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A survey of Australian workers revealed that 91% of Australian workers consider it important to safeguard psychological health in the workplace. Despite this, approximately half of the employees surveyed believe that their workplace is not mentally healthy.

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81% of organisation leaders indicate their workplace has one or more policies, procedures or practices to support mental health, but many employees (35%) do not know these resources exist or do not have access to them.

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The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 requires employers to prevent harassment to an individual experiencing a mental health condition, including physical and verbal abuse. To achieve this, organisations need to be proactive in the identification and resolution of bullying, gossip and conflict in the workplace.

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Workplace health and safety legislation acknowledges that employees and employers have a shared responsibility for their own health and safety.

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Work health and safety legislation requires workplaces to be, as far as reasonably practicable, physically and mentally safe and healthy for all employees.

Heads Up. Why it matters.

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Employees and employers have rights and responsibilities under anti-discrimination, privacy and work health and safety legislation.

Heads Up. Why it matters.