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Business case

Use our library of evidence-based research and wellbeing statistics to build the business case for your wellbeing strategy.


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Flexible Work Resources
Funded by the Western Australian State Government, this project aims to provide evidence-based and…

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Technological innovation, automation, big data, and demographic changes are leading to disruption in the way we work – better understanding of future work skills is needed.

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Thrive at Work at Home Series

Follow our Thrive at Work at Home Series to gain practical tips to support you and your team in being productive and mentally healthy when working from home.

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Work design

Work design affects both how people feel about their job and organisational outcomes – including increased productivity, financial growth, and lower rates of accidents and incidents.

Case Study

Department of Fire and Emergency Services

FOWI partnered with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) to deliver organisational resources aimed at improving the recruitment and retention practices of emergency service volunteers.

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Workplace flexibility

Implement flexible working arrangements for leaders and employees to maximise the opportunities and benefits that flexibility brings.

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Lifelong Learning

Continuous, lifelong learning will future proof the workforce and help people retain relevancy in the future world of work.

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Promoting physical health

The Healthy workers initiative provides guidance on five key aspects of good health at work- Eat Well, Move More, maintain a Healthy Weight, be Smoke-free and reduce consumption of Alcohol.

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Fatigue management

Understand the factors that contribute to workplace fatigue and their interaction with the way work is designed, including how these can be improved to address and reduce the risk of fatigue.

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High Quality Connections

Connections formed in the workplace, by virtue of the amount of time spent there, help to accomplish the work of organisations and help individuals to Thrive.

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Strengths-Based Development

Strategies that allow employees to use their natural talents to become strengths have the potential to greatly improve productivity.

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Stress management for leaders

Work-related stress is a leading cause of work-related mental ill health, and there are both individual and organisational factors that can prevent and reduce it.